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Reflections from Listening to Pat Williams

Reflections from Listening to Pat Williams

Although this is not a typical post on the KLG website, I recently had the privilege of listening to a speech by Pat Williams, one of America’s top motivational speakers and Vice-President of the Orlando Magic. Pat spoke regarding his definition of the core concepts of leadership. I really took it to heart and I wanted to share a synopsis of his speech and my thoughts with anyone who cares enough to listen.

According to Pat, a man who has devoted a large portion of his life to studying leadership, the qualities of leadership excellence are:

  • Vision
  • Effective Communication
  • People Skills
  • Character
  • Competence
  • Boldness
  • Serving Heart

I’ve thought a lot about Pat’s speech, especially in light of the upcoming Presidential election . However, I assure you that this is not a political post. I used the framework outlined by Pat to reflect on my life and my choices. I have always striven to be a great leader and whether I knew it or not, by virtue of my aspirations, I have been trying to strengthen and build on the qualities Pat outlined in his speech.

I thought about whether or not I started my law practice for the right reasons, what defined success for me and this practice, and what my short and long-term goals were. After extensive pondering, I realized that I never actually defined my vision in a clear and concise manner. How could I have missed something so obvious and so key to starting a business? So after much thought and deliberation here it is:

My vision is for Kotlyarov Law Group to grow and evolve into one of the best general law practices in Kansas City. I want it to be a standard by which other law firms a judged, not the other way around. But most of all, I want it to be a place of comfort and refuge for those seeking legal assistance.

You’re probably thinking, “Jason, why did you go through all of this just to share that one paragraph?” The answer is because I wanted to share the process and the importance of having a vision. I found that after realizing what my vision for my practice really was, I was able to act towards building with more strength and conviction, which has lead to quantifiable results. My client base has grown substantially since I articulated my vision, thanks in large part to referrals from some amazing attorneys and friends, but also thanks in part to my ability to approach each situation with confidence, all the while knowing that all the work I was doing was being done to reach a tangible goal.

Maybe I have lofty goals and aspirations and I apologize if my vision comes across as hubris, but I have found that as long as I keep a clear focus on making vision a reality, it will slowly, day by day, client by client, inch by inch, get Kotlyarov Law Group where I want it to go. I hope I don’t sound like an infomercial, but my life has felt far more rewarding because of the vision I created, even such a short time after it’s inception, and hopefully sharing my experience will help you create and pursue a vision of your own. If it does, send me an e-mail. I would love to hear about it.

Thank you for reading,

Jason Kotlyarov

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  1. Kaden
    July 20, 2016

    Heck yeah this is extcaly what I needed.

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