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Jason Kotlyarov is a dedicated, and intelligent attorney. Working with him professionally has only been an extension of the effort and intellect I’ve seen him apply to matter from before he became an attorney. With his command of various practice areas, and a commitment to getting all the necessary information before attacking the problem vigorously, I can say I am nothing short of impressed every time we work together directly, or consult each other. His commitment to understanding new technology, his attention to detail, and his desire to keep clients and potential clients informed are traits that should be lauded. I therefore give him my endorsement, with no reservations.

Matthew Williams

Fellow Lawyer in the Community

Mr Kotlyarov was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable when i contacted him about my tax dispute with the Department of Revenue. It took just one phone call to resolve my case! I highly recommend him to anyone that needs legal help with these pesky, confusing matters!!


Potential Client That Consulted With Jason

Jason is setting up my LLC, drafting my operating agreement, getting my federal tax ID number and helping me set up my business bank account. He not only made it simple and straightforward but continues to give great advice and has an active interest in helping my business move forward. Personable and professional!

Arwen W. (Business Client)

Jason is an attorney that I profoundly trust and often defer to on employee benefits matters. He also has extensive knowledge in the areas of tax, corporate transactions, bankruptcy and litigation. Those in need of quality legal services will greatly appreciate Jason’s practical and results-oriented approach. I highly recommend him.

Brad Loethen, J.D., LL.M.

Swanson Midgley LLC

Jason Kotlarov is a friend and fellow colleague. I have personally known Jason to be a prompt, meticulous, and diligent Attorney.

Mario Ramirez, J.D.

Moore Ramirez Law Firm, LLC

I had some admin stuff that needed to be handled by a lawyer. Others quoted me ridiculous. He handled it very professionally and charged for his time not a $2000 minimum. Being a small business owner, I appreciate honesty and am willing to pay for time. I will use him whenever I need a lawyer in the future.

Anonymous (Business Client)

I hired Jason the day after I got a speeding ticket and ‘no seatbelt’ ticket. He entered his appearance right away and kept me informed through out the process. He got the ‘no seatbelt’ ticket thrown out and my speeding ticket reduced to equipment malfunction with a much lower fee than he quoted me.
He’s a great lawyer to work with, very friendly and straight forward.

Jordyn (Traffic Client)

I hired Jason to handle a traffic ticket from another MO county. He handled everything – I just had to send him a copy of the ticket. I didn’t even have to think or worry about it. When he had it handled, I was able to send him the court fees and his fee over Venmo, which was awesome because who has checks these days? I never even had to take the time to drive to drop off anything or mail anything. It was the easiest ticket experience ever… And I may or may not have had a couple in the past!

Kimberly (Traffic Client)

My grandmother hired Jason Kotlyarov to do her power of attorney and had nothing but good things to say, so I came to him with my speeding ticket. It was handled quickly and he was even able to get a better deal for me with the prosecutor than he originally told me he expected! Would recommend to anyone looking to get over a legal headache quickly.

Jason (Traffic Client)

I came to Jason a few months ago for help with a traffic citation for speeding. After providing him with a copy of the citation, my side of the story, and payment of the associated fees, Jason was able to get the speeding violation reduced to a non-moving traffic violation within 48 hours. I would recommend Jason to anyone looking for an expedient, professional, and respectful lawyer.

Anonymous Traffic Client

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